Photo by Sara Cath

Photo by Sara Cath

Livvy Bennett - Guit / Vox - writer of songs, resident flirt, scheming scoundrel

Michael Hunter - Keys - jazz hands, moral support, portal of infinite wisdom

Dylan Hill - Drums - he’s on your side, hit with the sticks, will make you dinner with extra love

Noor Khan - Bass - gamer girl extraordinaire, friggin slaps, knows how to math

Psycho pop con artists, art rock boot lickers, won’t you let us visit your town please?

"These tracks have been incubating, gestating both in sweaty dens and on stages across the sweltering Austin landscape; even as someone that has frequented their live shows, they sound like revelations here in their immortal forms. Following up their first single “Loose Leaf,” Mamalarky prove to be neither nostalgic and retrospective nor jumping on any contemporary bandwagon of gimmicks; rather, the trio blend myriad influences across many decades and genres in a way that feels fun above all else.

Mamalarky never forgets how to entertain, engage, and envelop their audiences with precision and panache. The raucous, youthful zeal that these guys possess doesn’t belie the true depth of thought that their songs showcase. Mamalarky makes music for musicians and casual listeners alike, perfectly fit for stoned summer days of triple digit temperatures and broken AC units. It’s fortunate for us Texans that summer is here to stay, year round." - Charles Anderson