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Official SXSW Showcase / WolfieVibes Publicity

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WolfieVibes Publicity returns to SXSW for their second official showcase, highlighting independent weirdo music from around the world.

Doors at 7PM
First band at 8PM


"Austin’s Mamalarky sound like a welcomed guzzle of cool water after prolonged dehydration. Floating through their music on a psych-pop cloud, swelling and diminishing, ebb and flowing through their lofty, pale-hued soundscape is a refreshing break from scuzzy guitars and odes to the psych-rock gods. Leaning into a fully contemporary soundspace, Mamalarky aren’t interested in connecting dots along the indie pop timeline, choosing to revel in the “now,” and in doing so putting themselves square on the pulse of what’s driving Austin’s underground indie scene." - 98.9 KUTX

Taco Mouth
Nashville's Taco Mouth released their full-length debut, 'A Deafening Silence, on October 26, 2018. From drunken nights to taking down bullies, and even defying the president, the album is full of head-shaking hooks, and most importantly, the fire that fuels punk rock music.

It Was Romance
Pitchfork named New York's It Was Romance's 2015 self-titled debut album one of the records to watch out for that summer. BUST Magazine called them The Best Band of 2015. Village Voice premiered the first single, “Philadelphia,” calling the song “mysterious but undeniably attractive. Paste Magazine described the band as “Hearkening back to a Dig Me Out era Sleater Kinney, Lane Moore’s expansive sound covers love and all its mishaps with a catchy, blast loud and sing proud thoughtfulness. Blending garage rock with soul and experimental undertones, It Was Romance, formed in 2009 by Moore, walks multiple genres with a deft grace to mirror Moore’s bubbly wit and eye-catching presence.” The Advocate called the band “one to watch,” calling their first music video for “Philadelphia” “awesomely creative.” BuzzFeed named their first single Philadelphia on their “Songs You Need In Your Life This Month” list.

Termination Dust
Termination Dust is Jaybird Parkhurst and Stefanie Vigoren who came together in Anchorage, Alaska (where the weather has almost as many highs and lows as the emotions put forth in their music) and have since relocated to Minneapolis.

Termination Dust’s most recent release, an EP called It’s Never Too Late, came out on Glacial Pace in May 2018. These soul-baring songs, co-written by Parkhurst and Vigoren, are love letters to friends and fans, and a reminder that sometimes stuff sucks, but that’s no reason to give up.

Last fall the band toured with label mates Modest Mouse and they're now working on a brand new album that they hope to have finished soon.

A Deer A Horse
Rooted in Brooklyn’s DIY scene and inspired by the chaos of their city, A Deer A Horse has grown into a relentless touring act over the years, clocking in almost 100 shows in 2017 alone, and garnering a nod by Audiofemme as one of the hardest working touring bands in the US.

Formed in 2011 by former college classmates Rebecca Satellite (vocals/guitar) and Angela Phillips (bass/vocals), the band came into its own with the addition of drummer Dylan Teggart in 2015, as the thundering rhythm section began to channel the weight of their lyrical content.

Their 2017 release, Backswimmer, drew praise from the AV Club, which compared the unlikely marriage of doom metal dirges with vocal earworms to “the Melvins turning in a pop song, finding ways to keep a hook running through a song that’s otherwise grim and sludgy.” The album captures the band in their most primal form, a collection of songs with pounding rhythms, enormous riffs and inescapable melodies.

A Deer A Horse recently wrapped their new album at Silver Cord Studio, home-base of French metal pioneers, Gojira, and are showing no signs of letting up their heavy touring schedule in 2018.

Foie Gras
Foie Gras is a Bay Area solo dronescapist, while some in her generation are screaming in bikinis that you only live once, her response has been to say “Remember that you too must die.” Listening to Foie Gras is like giving yourself permission to indulge in something that is at once illicit, sacred, sacrilegious and startlingly rich.

Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair. Wake up, this is where your daughters have wandered off to. Foie Gras’ droning chilling songs remind us there is nothing wrong with beauty, nothing wrong with imagining your own death. Her powerful folk songs speak about a young woman’s calm acceptance of a fleeting life.

Foie listeners will notice a transition from Foie’s earlier ambient lo-fi /noise where she is hidden behind a multilayered drone, to a more exposed and vulnerable minimalist fabric where in some cases typical instrumentation is omitted altogether. There is a Horror Pop & Country vibe that brings her pain to the foreground. Foie worked with Producer & Instrumentalist Johnny Goss (La Luz, Lonesome Shack) who is noted for his film and live performance score compositions. Johnny stays true to the chaos that Foie shines in, adding a semblance of control that creates delicious and addictive songs

Foie Gras will be releasing a new EP, Holy Hell, via Yellow Year Records on April 5, 2019

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