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“What was it like when you heard Mamalarky’s first record together? 

We were like…I guess it’s real. Simultaneously the most vulnerable and powerful feeling, exciting and terrifying, etc. Overall, it was a very reflective period to see how lush a little DIY band could sound together after so many nights toiling away in our duplex…much to the neighbor’s constant complaints…sorry y’all, we moved out.”

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Wonderland Magazine

"Moving from middle school hallways to making dreamy psych music, Mamalarky are the Austin-based trio you should start paying attention to. Dropping the first track from their upcoming debut EP “Fundamental Thrive Hive” today, “Nonmonogamy” is a technicolour taste of the wonders we can expect.

Made up of Livvy Bennett, Dylan Hill and Michael Hunter, the trio’s hazy melodies beautifully highlight Livvy’s vocals as she sings about empowering, self-acceptance. With the kind of youthful zeal that calls back to summer days, the track is an exciting taste of what’s to come."

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"Psych rock tracks that fit well together but don’t over utilize the same sound. Each song is different but not so out there that they wouldn’t make sense bundled together in the same EP…It’s somewhat feels like a Hiatus Kaiyote track if they grew up in the States instead of Australia."


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KUTX 98.9

"Floating through their music on a psych-pop cloud, swelling and diminishing, ebb and flowing through their lofty, pale-hued soundscape is a refreshing break from scuzzy guitars and odes to the psych-rock gods. Leaning into a fully contemporary soundspace, Mamalarky aren’t interested in connecting dots along the indie pop timeline, choosing to revel in the “now,” and in doing so putting themselves square on the pulse of what’s driving Austin’s underground indie scene." 

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Combining Bennett’s predilection for indie-pop songwriting, Hunter’s jazz approach to keys and drummer Hill’s appetite for heavy psych, the trio have crafted a debut EP, “Fundamental Thrive Hive,” telling tales of first love, friendship, self-acceptance and band bonding. 

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Impose Magazine

"Operating with the style of something you might hear in a beatnik lounge in the late 50s or early 60s—Livvy leads the group into a world of assured safety & sanctuary with words & chords of care. Mamalarky moves the audience into a whole other state of grace & joy, where the progression sways the listener to & fro like the mid-tempo pendulum motions of a porch front rocking chair. “Mama’s Bear” is the song for all sleepy long-lost spirits to find a warm hive & den of their own full of love & unconditional support."

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KCRW Today's Top Tune

"Austin born but LA-based trio Mamalarky explore the delights of new love via jazz chords and psychedelic pop. They sing in unison about 'Nonmonogamy.'"

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Flaunt Magazine

"Born in Austin, Texas and currently residing in Los Angeles, alt-psychpop trio Mamalarky is making their way in the industry, creating their own sub-genre of indie music. Led by front-woman Livvy Bennett, the band is bending rules in the indie music scene, adding their own flavor of jazzy influences and intoxicating riffs.

While promoting their EP, they have played everywhere from sweaty dens to sweeping stages across all of Texas. What’s impressive is that they achieved this all independently. As the trio worked to build their fandom and reputation throughout the industry, they came across successes such as opening for bands like Hinds and Post Animal."

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Hero Magazine

"A play on light and dark, fantasy and fiction, the video – think Wes Anderson meets Sofia Coppela should they ever find themselves trippin’ in the dunes – takes its cues from cinematic reference points. Having recently released their debut EP Fundamental Thrive Hive, here Bennett traces the visual influences that drive their vision: with a nod to the stylish godfather of horror, Dario Argento, alongside the saccharine hues of Petra Collins and the repurposed sexploitation aesthetic of Anna Biller."

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Atwood Magazine

"Austin-born, LA-based Mamalarky combines the wide interests of each band member, ranging from psych pop to heavy blues, to create a unique sound that is both familiar and new at the same time. And it is out of this state of in-between that “Mama’s Bear” was born.

It’s always exciting to see a band so new begin to build their brand and, even with just a quick glance at their artwork and their Instagram feed, it’s clear Mamalarky knows their look and their feel. This sense of direction, coupled with their musical ability, will help them move forward in their trajectory as a band.

A huge step for them will be playing at this year’s SXSW festival, starting at the end of this week, where they can build their already growing fanbase and show off their budding talent. We are excited to see where this amazing opportunity takes them and look forward to hearing their debut EP, titled Fundamental Thrive Hive, that they recorded at Daniel McNeill’s studio!"

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"At its best, psych can directly engage our creativity, engender catharsis, and leave listeners starry-eyed and mute, stuck in the splendor of aesthetic stasis. Mamalarky, Austin's newest psych trio, makes snappy psych-pop that sounds both vintage and contemporary but never indulgent." 

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